Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Revamped Bookcovers for Heart of a Wolf Series


When I looked at A Justified Kill and Werewolf Bound the covers just didn't have the ump factor I was looking for. I was happy to get the stories done and wanted to get them published and used what I had.

With Anna, my really good friend's help, the covers have been revamped and I absolutely love them. 

Autum from created an emblem to represent the Heart of a Wolf Series for all the book covers and promotional items.

Anna created this emblem for Heart of the Wolf Series and Werewolf Tails Publishing which will go on and inside the books when black and white is required. 

I am currently looking to update the cover for Escaping Dominance and Veiled Secrets.  I love these colors, so only the font will be changing to match the rest of the series.  

Hope you all enjoy! 


  1. I am glad I could help. Happy Reading !!!!

    1. You did a wonderful job listening to what I wanted and put it all together really well. Thank you!