Author's Note


When I started writing No Remorse, I had no plans of this turning into a series. I wanted to have my one book published and be done. As with life, nothing ever seems to go as planned and I find that I continue to write the stories flowing through my head. Heart of A Wolf Series seems to be shifting with each passing day. I love feedback and encouragement from the readers wanting to know about a character or when the next book will be coming out. These questions push me to come up with more ideas and write that much more.

The number one question is “Will there be another novel?” Yes, Softest Touch is planned to be released at the end of the year. I am currently half way through the storyline. However, I have set it aside to work on more pressing stories that just seem to want out.

A Justified Kill is one of those stories. A short story, this is a “Tale” of Amber before No Remorse and goes into what happens when she is about to make her first shift. When kids and other women are involved, Amber has a soft heart and finds she can’t just walk away. About to go through her first change, she must decide how to handle the situation. Can she allow her wolf’s bloodlust to take over and kill a human? If she does, would it be A Justified Kill? For those of you who read No Remorse, you know the end result, but not how it came to be.

Werewolf Bound – Adam’s Tale. This short story tells the life of Adam before the No Remorse time frame. How he meets Blake and why he seems to “know” things. Adam has lots of mishaps along the way and is proving to be a real ladies man.

Escaping Dominance – Trina’s Tale. This short story tells the life of Trina as a child orphaned at the age of six. Forced to live with family who do not want her, Trina falls in love and puts her trust in the wrong person. Pregnant, she is force to remain in the pack and after years of suffering abuse takes her son and runs. Along the way she meets Amber from No Remorse show helps her to escape. Trina must learn to take care of herself or she will never truly escape from the dominance.

Veiled Secrets - Seriana's Tale. This short story gives you a little idea of where Seriana is from and how she came to be with Blake and Adam in No Remorse. In this story we find that there are more out there than just people in the earth realm. Banned from the Loxy Realm, Seriana is sent back to the earth with her memories gone. She meets people along the way who help to her remember, which brings up more questions. There is more to Seriana and her past that even she is afraid to know.

You will begin to see a pattern in these Tales. Amber will make an appearance in most and will play a small part in each individual life in one way or another. If she does not appear, then actions (such as Blake searching for her) will have her mentioned in each story. My plan for the Tales part of the series is to strictly be a short story and give the reader a place to go if they want to find out more about the individual in the books. The stories will be able to stand on their own as a tale. However, when reading the novels, you might smile and say “Hey, I remember this tidbit.” It will give you a little insight to what is happening at that time or why the other person reacted in a certain way. If you read the novel, but not the short story, you will still get a complete story, just not all the little snippets that might have led up to this or that. As most of my readers know, I branched out in June and wrote my first erotica, One Bite To Passion. This book is contracted with a publisher and I will continue to write erotica’s for this publisher in a vampire series. I am tempted to have my werewolves do cameo appearances…playing with the idea.

So in a nutshell I will be working on three genres:

Erotica Paranormal – Vampire series (name tbd) 18+ due to hot sexy content
Paranormal Romance – Heart of A Wolf 18+ due to sexual content
Paranormal – YA+ due to werewolf violence in the lives of a pack, sorry no sex scenes.


  1. Quite an inspiration, you are. I'm impressed. And your blog looks great.

  2. Thanks for stopping by June. I appreciate the input and hope I can continue to inspire. :)

  3. Very ambitious plans, MaryLynn!

  4. MaryLynn, I didn't know you had this side to you, and I so admire you even more now! Connie Younger