Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mount Charleston Lodge

I have lived in Las Vegas for nearly 5 years now and have never taken the drive to the Mount Charleston Lodge located in Kyle Canyon's Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest. Only 35 minutes away it was nice to see that the desert could actually be green! With the beautiful scenery I was thrilled when we pulled into the parking lot of this beautiful lodge.

Now I have a place to escape to when the heat of summer hits since it stays 20 to 30 degrees cooler at the 7,700 feet elevation. Maybe I can go here and continue working on my next novel. Who knows, I could turn out to be the next Stephen King! And that's another topic all together.

Back to the lodge...the winding walkway leads through a small waterfall into a pond flowing under a small bridge which drops into another small waterfall and into the larger pond with a fountain in the middle spraying water into the air. To the left is a nice area to sit out and enjoy the nice beautiful weather and views. Once inside we walked around for a few minutes and wandered over to the bar area where we met the manager of the bar, Richard and Tamera the bartender.

Always carrying my camera, I walked over to the window and took a picture of the mountainside. I was blown away when I saw the photo today and had to create the video which is attached. You will see what I am talking about when you watch it. So Candy and I sit down and decide to have a drink, relax and just talk. Working as a psychic we don't get to do this very often because we start seeing things about people. I found this to be the case when talking with everyone. It was pretty cool, Candy was seeing orbs flying around and was feeling the vibes right along with me.

Customers came and went, however, Tim hung around for a while and went along when Candy pulled out the EMF reader and was testing the area around the bar and around them. We had a great time. 

Candy has been to the lodge with her family a lot and has gotten a little history on the place. Apparently a few people have committed suicide in the lodge as well as out in the mountains. We feel the energies from these individuals are hanging around. Staff members reported that things move unexpectedly, they see strange shadows, hear voices and no one is there and as we did, see orbs flying around.

Hours later when we decided it was time to head back down the mountain I decided to turn and take one last picture of the exterior of the building. Standing on the second level parking lot overlooking the front of the building I took a photo which showed up beautifully on the screen of my camera. When I put it on my computer and was able to see the photo on the monitor I was blown away by the orbs floating around above the lodge. I have uploaded a few of the photos into the video and this one is the last one on the page. Nothing has been altered in photoshop or any other editing program.

Do you believe orbs are spirits hanging around for one reason or another? If not, what do you think causes these orbs?