Thursday, April 24, 2014

Steamy Fairy Tales - New Cover

Adults love fairy tales too!
A collection of three short stories with a fun and sexy twist.

The castle’s occupants were cursed. But what wasn’t told was at night when the beast sleeps, the household appliances get to play...

Searching for a place to sleep after breaking up with her boyfriend, Goldie finds herself in a home with three beautiful women instead of bears...what happens next will change her life forever...

The King of the sea deserves love too. When the Fates step in, King  Neptune must find true love or risk remaining in human form for life...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

RBTL Presents: Shades of Virtue

Title: Shades of Virtue
Author: Jack Whitsel
Series: Dragon Rising (Book 2)
Genre: Fantasy 
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Release Date: Mar 2014 Digital/April 2014 Print Editions/Formats Will Be Available In: eBook & Print 

The sequel to the award winning, Shadow of Kings continues with Shades of Virtue. 

Nearly two years have passed since the Harhn incursion. While the Hugue recovers from the devastation, the Order of the Secret Throne resumes their agenda. Lord Yannic and his armies march the breadth of the Vol Thaldane to rally the divided human fiefdoms into the new realm of Shyrlandia, while engaging the Braug tribes and Harhn Hordes still plaguing the region. And like so many wearing the heraldry of the Dragon, he must confront the Order’s agenda, and question the sacrifices to be made for the greater good.

In the Hugue, a jousting tournament is about to commence that will determine who wins Lady Basina’s hand in marriage. With the tournament Champion also foreseen to have an impact on Shyrlandia’s future, the Council of Whispers dispatch Lady Lucia and her two apprentices, Dragana and Tallya to oversee the event. But the Order is not the only party interested in the tournament. From her tower in Kethalon, Rizela, the Darkfey sorceress, conspires and schemes to manipulate the tournament for her own ends. Amidst the spectacle of pageantry and martial prowess, Lucia must uncover the dark powers wishing to thwart the Order’s agenda, while supervising her headstrong apprentices. There is more at stake than winning a lady’s hand, for whoever wins the tournament will set events in motion that will forever impact the future realm of Shyrlandia, the Vol Thaldane, and the Hugue.

MY REVIEW - 5 Stars
I love a tale with knights, jousting and evil dudes making a mess of things. Whitsel knows how to weave a tale that kept me wanting to read more. I am definitely going to have to back and read book one after this! The details of the story was amazing if not a bit on the rough side at times, but very realistic to the scenes taking place. A great fantasy with knights trying to win the hand of the Lady. And a world with magic, who could resist?


Jack Whitsel is an award winning author from Portland, Oregon. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree of
Finance from Portland State University, but studies medieval history in his spare time. His favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction with a medieval emphasis. Shades of Virtue, (To be released in March 2014), is the second installment of the Dragon Rising series.

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