Monday, August 13, 2012

FMB Blog Tour Presents: MOONS KISS

Title: Moons' Kiss

Author: Kimberly K. Comeau
Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 408
Words: 150,000


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Book Description:

"They found him in the South Ofrann Desert, where everything evil lived.

Manerra, heir to the tribes of Yatra, intends to abdicate--until his rescue of a man-thing from cannibals pits brother against brother and tribe against tribe.  Prevented by decree from harming the creature, Manerra pledges to drive it away . . . and adds another layer of guilt to his already troubled mind.

Rebuffing all counsel, Aya, the nation’s ruler, takes steps to prevent bloodshed in future meetings between his people and the foreigners, and by so doing, hands his enemies the means to secure his downfall.  As political maneuvering and violence escalate, there’s one wildcard that no one’s considered:  the “demon” Kayarra.  Who is he, what is he, and what do his people want?"

My Review:
I normally read paranormal, so I have ventured outside my comfort zone to read a Sci-Fi and am so glad I did!  

Ms. Comeau provided a Yatren Language Dictionary before the story begins. This really came in handy for understanding the language shifts between English and Yatren. Once I became familiar with the language it was easy to follow.

For me, the beginning was a little slow, but I attribute this to my being out of my genre. But once again, when I became familiar with the writing it picked up and I really began to enjoy the story. Throughout, the author gives excellent descriptions which made me feel as if I was there with the characters in the book. She weaved and intriguing tale of sibling rivalry along with a young man coming of age and understanding his role in the future of his people all the while tossing in a 'demon' who needed protection. 

Although there are a lot of characters in the story with multiple POV's, the author did a great job. I knew what character I was with at all times and really enjoyed the different POV's as it gave me more in depth reasoning behind some of the characters actions.

It's hard to give a detailed review without giving spoilers, but I can say, the ending of this story actually surprised me, which is usually hard to do. There is lots of action, twists and turns and towards the end I couldn't wait to find out what was happening next. I really hope there is a sequel planned for this story because I will definitely be reading it!  

I give this story 4.5 stars out of 5.


About the Author:
Kimberly K. Comeau was twelve when she began writing, fifteen when she published her first story, and eighteen when she won her first literary contest.  Since then, she’s published short fiction, poetry and nonfiction, served as director of an online writers’ workshop, and co-founded PC Quill, a critique group comprised of award-winning writers.  She lives in Richmond, Virginia, with a musician husband and two fiercely protective cats.

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  1. Interesting! I am always looking for new indie Sci-Fi books/authors to check out.

    1. Hira, Thanks for stopping by. This is definitely an author worth checking out

  2. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find new authors. Will definately be reading this. Marie Lisk

    1. Marie, Happy to help fellow authors and spread the word for a good book.

  3. I have read this book. I highly recommend it. This one is is my keeper shelf.

    1. T.C. thanks for stopping in and supporting the author.

  4. Hi, just got the info from Trudy Powders! I love Sci-fi! thanks for the chance at this giveaway:)

  5. MaryLynn, thank you so much for reading and reviewing Moons' Kiss, and for posting your review on Amazon. The responses so far have amazed me. As for your hope: there is a sequel in the works, tentatively entitled The Children's War.

    I also want to thank everyone who's commented on the reviews and wish them luck in the giveaway. I look forward to contacting the winners.

    --Kimberly Comeau