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Ties That Bind - T. A. Grey

Title: Ties That Bind
Author: T.A. Grey
Series: The Bellum (#4)
Genre: Paranormal Erotic
Release Date: May 27, 2012

Warning: this book contains a spunky succubus set on getting her man, a blue-haired, golden skinned demon set on righting his old kingdom, a shower scene that will steam your e-reader, action in abundance, and a dark cursed brother who's story comes next.

Three Fates. Three Sisters. Lily Bellum keeps many secrets, even from those she loves the most. With a determination and mindset that only she can help the demon Telal Demuzi--she sets off to join him in his cause for demon's rights, whether he wants it or not. But things don't seem to go right from the beginning. To say he's resistant to her charms is putting it lightly, but Lily is not one to back down or give in easily. She pursues Telal, slowly breaking down his incredible defenses one smile, kiss, and touch at a time.

Telal's years of planning are finally coming to fruition--to open the rift. Once a betrayer of his people, now he's determined to fix the past. But one man stands in his way; one man who's turned out to be a dark and sinister version of the boy he once knew. His plan to open the rift is met with hostility, resistance, and bloodshed unlike he'd ever thought possible. Telal finds that losing himself in the sweet body of Lily Bellum proves an excellent treatment to the chaos around him. Together, Telal and Lily get wrapped up in a world of dark magic, love, betrayal, and murder in the greatest journey of their lives. 

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I love to write the kind of stories that will keep you up late at night and make your heart pound. It's my goal in writing to make each new book better, more exciting, more action-packed, not only to test myself as a writer but to keep thrilling you. I'm always trying to push the boundaries with my imagination, and yours, to create something new and different. If you're a fan of paranormal romance novels then you'll love my Bellum Sisters Trilogy. This isn't your typical romance story, so be prepared for a kick of heat and tons of action. The Bellum Sisters Trilogy has received excellent reviews from paranormal bloggers and two of the three books are Top Picks from Night Owl Reviews. Now, if you like shorter books with quite a bit of heat, humor, and action then I'd recommend the Kategan Alphas series. This erotic series features the sexy Kategan family and all the lucky men and women who get to meet them and complete their lives. Visit my website to learn more about me and my books at

As part of a blog tour I was given a copy of Ties That Bind to provide my review. I really wish I was able to read the previous books before starting this one. Although I was able to jump right into the story, I had a hard time keeping the characters straight at first.

Grey has created some wonderful characters that really work together with lots and lots of steamy passion, mystery and humor.  Being a succubus, Lily uses her abilities to entice Telal into being her protector, even though he fights the idea and wishes her father had not put her under his care.

From what I read in this story, I cannot wait to get my hands on the previous stories and the upcoming story, The Fallen King, as well. 

If you are looking for a hot and steamy read with lots of humor, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Ties That Bind. 

5 out of 5!

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  1. I finished The Fallen King it was fantastic but I knew it would be I've read all of T.A.Grey and I can't wait for the next one she's a fantastic writer ...the king is hot andI fell in lust with him oops meant love who am I kidding I meant lust....keep up the good work